Star Walk App Review for iPhone - Show's what constellations you are looking atStar Walk, an App for iPhone, is an augmented reality app.  As the words imply, augmented reality apps ‘augment’ the world around you in some way.  Star Walk shows you information about the sky above you – what constellations, planets and other celestial bodies you might be looking at.

Star Walk is a textbook example of an augmented reality app and is a great example of some of the future-thinking apps that the iPhone is capable of.

I’ve used Star Walk on my iPhone for a while now, and while I don’t use it everyday, it’s fun to have the app at night when you wonder what you’re seeing above you.

In addition to using your Geo-location services to show you what stars are above you, Star Walk also includes a fair amount of reference material for the planets, stars and more.

Star Walk App Description

Star Walk is an award-winning Education app that allows users to easily locate and identify 20,000+ objects in the night sky. The 360-degree, touch control star map displays constellations, stars, planets, satellites, and galaxies currently overhead from anywhere on Earth.

Highly praised and the winner of a 2010 Apple Design Award, the latest update allows users to enjoy unprecedented eye candy and interactivity of the star map, achieved with the new camera and high resolution of the new device. *No Internet connection required*

We recommend this app wholeheartedly, and while it does cost more than most apps, we think the price is well worth it.

Star Walk Video

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